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VeriFone PAYware Mobile

iPhone Application and Secure Card Reader

From One Swipe To One Thousand

Imagine how many times you swipe a card in a day. How about a year? Or five? Time after time, our durable card reader holds up. We make the PAYware Mobile reader with quality components for a difference you can feel.

Save 30% Or More In Transaction Fees

There are lots of payments apps out there. But using an app alone without a reader can be costly. With a card-present solution, you’ll save over 30% in transaction fees. In a year, you’d actually save enough to pay for your iPhone.


Effortless Wireless

Turn your iPhone into a secure payment device and never miss another sale. PAYware Mobile makes it a snap. Well, a swipe. One robust app plus one durable card reader equals your complete payment solution.


Security In Motion

Protect your business and your customers with a swipe. Rely on the mobile solution developed based on years of expertise in payment security, where we encrypt card data as it is swiped. This prevents the software in the iPhone from ever having the card data.


PAYware Mobile Highlights

Dan Loomis, Global Product Marketing Manager, highlights the key features of the PAYware Mobile Secure Card Reader. This includes a secure magnetic stripe read-head and firmware certified to the Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS 140-2 to facilitate true End-to-End Encryption of card data. The PAYware Mobile Software App is also PA-DSS Approved.


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